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3D models used on this web site are from http://www.scifi3d.com/
Jedi Council Chambers: Interior - made by Ian Foster (Original Model)
Mon Calamari Cruiser - HOME 1 - made by Sean Kennedy (Treybor)
Millenium Falcon (YT1300) version 2 - made by Iven Connery (Original Model) and Sebastian Hirsch (Mojo) (Textures)
Y-Wing - made by - Al Meerow (Original Model)
X Wing (Snub Fighter) 4 - made by Mister X (Original Model)
Interplanetary Transport 2 - made by Ricardo C. Beux (Author)
Imperial Star Destroyer - made by Topa (Original Model)
Tie Fighter - made by Al Meerow (Original Model)
Death Star - made by George Mezori (ZOO) (MAX & 3DS conversions) and Don Showalter (Original Textures)



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